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Website Design

SolidRank strives to provide you with the customized web design solution that best fits your needs. The first question we always ask our prospective clients is “What would you like this website to do for your business?” – What goals do you have in mind? We seek first to understand your business and then inform you about the various opportunities having a website make available to you and which of those options offer the most cost effective solutions to your most critical business challenges. We view every project as an investment our customers are making towards their future success and consult in accordance with our vested interest in that success.

As a guideline we’ve designed these three basic service packages for you to get a general feel for our pricing based on the depth of your needs. Each website project we undertake is quoted individually in conjunction with a brief consultation and according to the discovered needs and solutions agreed upon the price may vary. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss how a website can help you reach your businesses goals

Professional Business Package

Typical Key Aspects

  • 5-7 pages
  • lightly customized template
  • simple graphic work
  • single language
  • simple functionality (ie – contact form)


The Professional Package provides you with a simple and professional online presence. Most customers that opt for this solution are looking for something similar to an extended professional online business card. A place where their customers can view more about their company, products, and services and also instills a degree of legitamacy and professionalism in the eyes of their customer. It is simple, professional, straight forward, and easy to navigate.
Packages of this size range in price from 7000-10,000RMB

Premium Business Package

Typical Key Aspects

  • fully customized template
  • 7-15 pages
  • more extensive graphic work
  • flash banner
  • multiple language
  • more involved functionality (ie – registration form, membership, forum)


The Premium Business Package is typically utilized by companies looking for a more indepth online presence. This package can service needs ranging from an extensive online catalog of products (trading company), a forum website, or a website designed to capture the attention of prospective clients, keep them on your site, and have them take a specific targeted action. Packages of this size range in price from 10,000-20,000RMB

E-Commerce Websites

Typical Key Aspects

  • shopping cart
  • extensive graphic work
  • multiple payment gateways (ie – paypal, alipay)
  • multiple currencies
  • client accounts and databasing
  • order management
  • bulk upload/downlaod
  • extensive functionality


The E-commerce website package is designed for clients that are looking to sell products online. We offer a comprehensive solution that can utilize virtually any payments gateway you prefer, displays products in a professional and aesthetically pleasing fashion, and delivers a very attractive and convenient shopping experience to your clients. We also provide consultation and training on the basics of how to manage your order flow from order generation to final customer follow up after delivery.
Pricing ranges from 20,000RMB+

Webdesign Service Flow

Here is a brief outline of how we deliver our website design services to our clients. This is a process we have developed over the past 3 years that has proven effective and efficient.

Initial Meeting and Conslutation

We will meet with you to discuss your needs and your business as well as introduce Solidrank and how we like to work with clients. Thereafter, with our consultation, we outline a solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Rough Proposal

After our intial meeting we will provide a rough proposal via e-mail outlining the major points of the project, the estimated timeline and cost. A phone call or meeting is usually held to refine the proposal as necessary.

Formal Proposal

Once the rough proposal is agreed upon we will produce a formal proposal outlining the full scope, pricing, and timeline in detail. This document serves as our service MOU/Contract. Another phone call or meeting may be scheduled as necessary

Initial Payment and Kickoff

After the signing of the contract and the receipt of the initial payment we’ll begin work by having a kick-off meeting where we review the work to be done and sort out the collection of content items and information from you. A solid set of deadlines and deliverables is given within a week of receiving payment.


We then begin working on the project, reporting progress weekly, in adherence with the timeline and deliverables shedule outlined in the proposal. Any delays/adjustments are reported promptly

Adjustments Meeting

As Development wraps up we will schedule a meeting with you to review the site and deliberate on adjustments that need to be made to the site. Decided upon adjustments will be implemented in the following days/weeks

Final Meeting + Training

After completing final adjustments a final meeting will be scheduled to review the site in its entirety and train applicable members of the customers organization how to use and manage the site. Final payment will be due at this time.

Ongoing Support

Unless otherwise specified all web projects come with 30 days (60 days for ecommerce projects) of support after the completion of the project (date of final meeting and training). During this time we will support all the functions we developed and be available to field questions as they arise.