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ICubeCorp Package Type: Premium is a leading edge technology development firm in the semiconductor industry. They required a cutting edge look with very simple and straightforward content in both Chinese and English. Their homepage features an eye catching slideshow linking to their juiciest...
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Behold The Tegra 3 – All Hail Kal-El

I’ve been following Nvidia’s development of their mobile chipsets for about a month now – here’s a brief video about the latest and greatest chip scheduled to be released in devices come August (probably tablets) and Mobile Phones by the time Christmas roles around. If your like me – anxious to move into the world of Android but still tethered to Idevices- this new...
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Apple and I

after spending some time reviewing the Ipad 2 recently I though I’d consolidate my thoughts and conclusions about the world of Apple in general on digital paper Some Iphone & Ipad Love Revolutionary? A Trend setter? Absolutely. There is little doubt in my mind that Apple is leading the way with it’s i devices (Ipad and Iphone). As a result they enjoy an unrivaled status amongst...
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WSC Package Type: Premium Business Package WSC is a Shenzhen based club devoted to the training of various fighting arts including MMA, SanDa, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai. This client desired a clean professional looking template which delivered all the companies information including pricing and scheduling clearly and intuitively. The site is bilingual and features a small catalog...
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Bierhaus Package Type: Professional Business Package was created as the online hub for the up and coming chain of German Bavarian Restaurants this first of which is located in Shekou Seaworld Shenzhen. The site is trilingual and utilizes imagery from the restaurants interior to bring home the Bavarian...
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