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David Ho for SolidRank

Having lived in China since 2008 I gradually came to recognize a sizable gap between the web service needs of fellow expatriates in Shenzhen and what local service providers were able to deliver. Early in 2010 after completing several trial projects with trusted members of my network, and in response to a growing number of inquiries for a better solution by small business owners in my network, I established SolidRank. A company aimed at filling that gap with a reliable and trustworthy web design and online marketing service provider that understood how to properly service clients and approached every project with a long term perspective.

As a small business owner I have enjoyed success largely due to my ability to deliver creative solutions and my passion for taking care of all concerned parties within them. I believe success is a product of the quality of the relationships you nurture and develop before all things. Prove yourself to be genuine and devoted to a worthy contact and you’ll gain a trusted ally in your struggle for success. Gain enough ally’s with complimentary skill sets and your success is guaranteed. Solidrank brings this business philosophy into praxis. We seek to prove ourselves trustworthy, competent, and devoted to your success on the web and beyond – we believe if we can succeed in this endeavor we will gain your business, references, and most importantly your trust.

I approach each new prospect as a friend, exuding a genuine interest in their success in business and in life – I seek first to understand their business, goals, and needs before consulting them in an insightful and targeted fashion about how the web can help them. This theme permeates everything we do here at SolidRank. I personally select and train our service and sales staff to ensure this critical aspect of our business is preserved. To date SolidRank is a 95% referential business – we take care of those that grant us the privilege of working with them and they in turn take care of us.

David Ho
Founder and Managing Director of SolidRank Ltd.